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What if I hate my headshots?  What do i wear?  How do I prepare?  Levi answers all of these questions and a TON more in this 45 minute bingeworthy video series. 

Do you suck at self taping?  Do you hate it?  We’ve got the solution – The Biz Of Show Self Tape Challenge!  In just one week we are going to teach you how to self tape like a BOSS and get that job!  

Branding is such a buzzword amongst performers these days.  What is a brand? How do I create my own? Is it hard?  NOPE – I just takes a little time and dedication to create a memorable brand that leaves a lasting impression.  

Doors Open February 22nd!

So you’ve got the dream and you’ve honed your talent.  You’re dying to make some money doing what you love – PERFORMING.  The question is: Are you ready for the BUSINESS?

Biz of Show School is a month long online training program for performers who are ready to do the work to learn how the BUSINESS of show really works! Let us help you build a solid foundation so you can create your dream career!

  • Create Your Ultimate Audition Book
  • Build a memorable brand
  • Become a Self Taping Pro
  • Learn to manage money and a budget
  • How to navigate NYC & LA
  • How to book your next gig

Doors open to Biz Of Show School only once per quarter and all students will be eligible for The Ultimate NYC experience in August!