Backstage @ Hamilton w/Justin Bryant
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 – We take you backstage at Hamilton on Broadway with Justin Bryant is a current cast member of Hamilton on Broadway. He started doing company work after graduating from one of the best Performing Arts Schools in Georgia. After a successful few years in Los Angeles, he ended up performing in MJOne in Vegas and after a HUGE leap of faith – he’s now on Broadway – in Hamilton.
In today’s episode:
* How much money you need to move to LA or NYC
* The best way to grind when you get to LA
* How to research before you jump into your dreams
* what opening night feels like on broadway (hint… screaming is involved)
Today’s episode is brought to you by Biz Of Show – a new company created by myself and Candice Donehoo. We are currently building Biz Of Show to become The Ultimate School of Show Biz where performers of any age can learn everything that you will NEVER learn in a High School, University or College.
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