EP5: Creating your career in one viral moment with Anjelah Johnson
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Creating Your Career In One Viral Moment with Anjelah Johnson

When you move to LA or NYC you will find yourself meeting and working with a TON of people.  Anjelah and Levi met when he was First AD on a terrible MTV show and the show shot at a pool hall in Pasadena.  She was the hostess, struggling for a paycheck and hustling as an extra on TV shows.  


A few years later, Anjelah got paid $25 to do her very first standup routine EVER – it was Nail Salon.  The story of how that became viral is nothing short of amazing as it was probably one of the FIRST things to go viral in the world of social media.


Since then she’s done TV shows, movies and has manufactured an incredible stand up career as well.  She and Levi dive in deep to talk about the things that keep her aligned and focused on her goals and how she created her entire career off of one viral moment.

What if I hate my headshots?  What do i wear?  How do I prepare?  Levi answers all of these questions and a TON more in this 45 minute bingeworthy video series. 

Do you suck at self taping?  Do you hate it?  We’ve got the solution – The Biz Of Show Self Tape Challenge!  In just one week we are going to teach you how to self tape like a BOSS and get that job!  

Branding is such a buzzword amongst performers these days.  What is a brand? How do I create my own? Is it hard?  NOPE – I just takes a little time and dedication to create a memorable brand that leaves a lasting impression.  

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