EP8 – The Branding Buzzword
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Branding is SO on trend right now. Every performer knows they need a brand. Some are KILLING it and some, well… not so much. The big question is are YOU. 


By maintaining a solid brand, you control the narrative on what people in the industry see, think and feel about you.  In other words, you maintain creative control of your career.  This doesn’t mean that you get to pick and choose your jobs, but as an overall viewpoint how you present yourself to those of us in the industry.


In this episode we breakdown some tips and tricks you need to know about branding so you can not only get more content out there, but that it will you will feel confident in your brand AND maintain creative control.

Freebies Mentioned In This Episode

What if I hate my headshots?  What do i wear?  How do I prepare?  Levi answers all of these questions and a TON more in this 45 minute bingeworthy video series. 

Do you suck at self taping?  Do you hate it?  We’ve got the solution – The Biz Of Show Self Tape Challenge!  In just one week we are going to teach you how to self tape like a BOSS and get that job!  

Branding is such a buzzword amongst performers these days.  What is a brand? How do I create my own? Is it hard?  NOPE – I just takes a little time and dedication to create a memorable brand that leaves a lasting impression.  

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