Why you need THREE Audition Books

Competition is tougher than ever. Your audition book has to be on point and you HAVE to be flexible and creative in the room. So how many “Books” DO you need? Not One, not two – but THREE books!   In this episode we talk about things like “The Dirty […]

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How to tell a story in 32 bars

One of the most important audition techniques is learning how to tell a story in 32 bars. In this episode we are teaching how to cut your music to tell a story & show off your chops in 32 bars or less.    If you haven’t listened to the episode […]

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How To Avoid Self Tape Hell

Self taping auditions has completely changed the game when it comes to not only the casting process, but also it has widened the net allowing you as the performer MANY more opportunities to book the jobs you want to book! BUT WE KNOW -IT’S FRUSTRATING!   Most of the time it’s […]

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EP8 – The Branding Buzzword

Branding is SO on trend right now. Every performer knows they need a brand. Some are KILLING it and some, well… not so much. The big question is are YOU.  By maintaining a solid brand, you control the narrative on what people in the industry see, think and feel about […]

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